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An individual closed communication channel
for a big federal company with several
thousands employees.



Developing a convinient messanger for staff
communication in the company with the possibility
to create separate groups and conversations.



In big companies it can be difficult to find a right person you have never met before. He can be in another city or in one of many offices. To solve this problem we developed a convinient catalog for staff search, that can filter by a city, a subdivision, position, and other parameters. The application allows to find the location of a collegue quickly and contact him or her.

The application excludes the necessity of searching and visiting an office with documents, for recieving advice and other reasons. Now it became much easier and faster to deal with issues – to write the essence of a question, to send a file to sign, to attach a photo and get a feedback.

It is just a small part of what we realised in the mobile application...

Smart Talk


Smart Talk

All calls on
one screen

Smart Talk

All collegues in
one phone book

Smart Talk

Sending files,
contacts, geotags

Smart Talk

Organization of


Smart Talk

Making unlimited amount
of group chats

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